About Certificate

This page describes certificates required to use this service.

Certificate for Authentication

To log-in to this service, a certificate which is used for authentication is required.
The certificate can be downloaded from the Portal site after user registration.

Root certificate

Below is the detail of a root certificate which is used for this service.
The root certificate can be downloaded at the same time as the Authentication Certificate.

Serial Number
Subject DN
C=JP, O=Fujitsu Limited, CN=SOP-RCA
Mar 16 08:39:04 2010 UTC to Mar 16 08:39:04 2030 UTC
Finger Print
6B5B 4130 82B6 8459 82A3 0908 D26E 6CF7 BA9E 2569

CP/CPS (Certificate Policy/Certification Practice Statement)

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How to Install Certificate

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