Important Notice
The Fujitsu Cloud Service S5 will be terminated in Germany on 31st March 2019.
New customer registrations for the S5 service will not be progressed.
All customers are advised to use our next generation cloud platform - Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.

If you have any questions on your existing contracts please ask your Account team or write an E-Mail to: cloud.operations@ts.fujitsu.com
Welcome to the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5!
This web-based service gives you the ability to design and deploy virtual infrastructure as a service, through a suite of pre-installed servers, storage and network. Sign up to enjoy the benefits of our unique self-service platform which is intuitive and user-friendly, robust and reliable, running on Fujitsu technology. Billing is transparent and by-the-hour, based on your actual usage, and the service offers you the real benefits of flexibility, agility and control - freeing up your people and resources to focus on driving your business forward.

All subscribers can benefit from a 30 day free trial of the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5. The Terms & Conditions of this trial can be found in the Contract Document Section of this web site.
Service Details
For the service desk, please contact:

Available 24 hours, 365 days a year
Telephone Numbers, please dial:
Germany +49 89 356480300        Austria           +43 12 678685              Luxemburg       +352 2777 2040
Belgium +32 2 808 7155 Italy +39 022 333 1131 Netherlands +31 207 139 148
Portugal +351 308 800 896 Spain +34 911 776 399 Finland +358 9725 19477
Swiss +41 445 111 218 Czech Republic     +42 022 888 0574 Other countries     +49 89 356480300
Email: Cloud_GSD@ts.fujitsu.com