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Service Agreement for contracting with Fujitsu Limited as indicated at the bottom of this page.
Contract on the Provision of FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Services
1 Disclaimer
During the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Trial Phase (provision of the Free Services for a trial period (of 60 days,
if the customer register until 30.06.2011; 30 Days if the customer register later) at no additional
cost) all liability and claims towards Fujitsu is excluded unless to the extent explicitly required
by applicable mandatory laws. During the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Trial Phase Fujitsu is particularly not liable for any
damages, expenses or other costs incurred by the customer, for any reason, out of or in connection
with the use of the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Trial Phase service. This applies explicitly in the case of customers using
the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Trial Phase services for purposes that require high availability (e.g. but not limited to
business-critical applications and high availability solutions etc.) which they do at their own risk.
For the avoidance of doubt, this disclaimer is valid for the entire duration of the Trial FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Phase.

2 Object of the Agreement
2.1 The Customer commissions Fujitsu to provide cloud services (hereinafter referred to as
Cloud Services) according to the stipulations of this contract and the valid service
description. This agreement is a framework agreement which entitles the Customer to
call on the services described in the service description by sending individual call-up
orders via the web portal as provided for this purpose by Fujitsu. The services are
provided in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for providing Cloud
Services (Appendix 1 incl. further appendices). The service description valid on
conclusion of the agreement shall be given to the partner or made available to the
partner via the web portal or in another appropriate manner.

2.2 The use of the web portal, defined in section 2.1 is subject to the valid terms and
conditions for the web portal (hereinafter referred to as " Web Portal Terms and
Conditions") which are set out in the valid service description and handed over when the
contract is signed or made available to the Customer via the web portal or in another
appropriate manner.

3 Components of this contract
In the event of contradictions the order of precedence for the various components of this
agreement shall be as follows:
1) This agreement
2) Valid service description including Web Portal Terms and Conditions and User Rules
3) FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Customer Agreement
Appendix CentOS License Terms

The detailed license texts are contained in the sources of CentOS. As mentioned in the GPL V2
License Terms you have the possibility to get the source code of CentOS.
Please send an E-Mail to

Appendix Microsoft License Terms

Appendix RedHat License Terms
Appendix Novell License Terms
EULA SLES 11 SP1 English.pdf EULA SLES 11 English.pdf EULA SLES 10 English.pdf
Appendix VMware License Terms

FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Membership Rules
FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 Platform Membership Rules (1.00MB)

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