Service Overview


Servers are pre-installed within the Fujitsu Data Centres. When a customer requires a dedicated virtual server system environment, Fujitsu provides the necessary amount of system resources. This allows our customers to develop applications for their business in a timely manner using a low cost operational environment.


- Select a System configuration from the template library that best meets your requirements
- Provide a secure environment that protects againsts threats from the Internet. (DMZ, firewall)
- Create/delete and increas/decrease servers and storage on demand at any time as required
- Hourly pricing is available if required.
- Browser / API allows for easy system configuration changes, such as firewall settings.
- Browser / API for easy monitoring of health status, server start / stop, backup / restore and other operations can be performed.
- Reliability is ensured through strict adherence to redundant hardware design. Data protection is ensured through hardware RAID and software mirroring across physical arrays.

How to use

- Register
- Retrieve User ID
- Login to the service portal
- Download the client certificate
- Choose the system template
- Customise your system configuration
- Check Rates Estimate
- Perform system deployment
- Login to Virtual Machine
- Construct applications
- Firewall settings
- Confirmation of Resource availability
- Add or remove a virtual machine
- Backup and Restore
- Check the Cost

Usage scenarios

Example: Use as a development environment
When a customer needs a development environment, by using this service the resources required can be prepared quickly and at lower costs than implementing a physical server of their own.
Example: New Service
Small businesses can create a new service with less risk of operational difficulties. If the business were to commission a new server in their own Data Centre there is a requirement to procure ICT resources to maintain it. This requirement is eliminated when using the Fujitsu service, as Fujitsu maintains all of the servers within the Data Centre However, if the customer would like to purchase a new server for their own data centre then this service can be used to assist them in validating the size of the solution prior to purchasing the equipment.
Example: Disaster Recovery
This service can be used to supplement a customers disaster recovery solution by providing server environments in a short timeframe